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Affordable Housing 

We believe housing is a human right.  Increasing affordable housing for families is one of our top priorities.

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Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) combines supportive services, such as case management and health care access, with safe, stable, permanent housing. PSH provides extra supports in the transition from homelessness to stable housing, decreasing the likelihood of recurrent episodes of homelessness.

What is Permanent Supportive Housing?

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PSH specifically for families, or Family Supportive Housing, is important as children have important and unique needs.  We are working towards establishing Family Supportive Housing through:

  • Serving as an advisory body for Housing Connect's new project.

  • Supporting new legislation allocating more funding to housing.

  • Partnering with Salt Lake City, County, the State of Utah, and other organizations to leverage Medicaid funding for FSH services.

Join us at our membership meeting to keep up to date on our housing projects.

What are we working on?

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We know that Family Supportive Housing can help end child homelessness and bring stability to families in Salt Lake County and beyond.

We created a Family Supportive Housing Model 

Based on two years of compiling moms' experiences, we created a community based model for permanent supportive housing that would stabilize families who have experienced the traumas of homelessness. 

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For more info and local statistics, read the 2020 reports from Crossroads Urban Center on Ending Child Homelessness.
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